Completing Plumbing and Remodeling Projects Efficiently

Workman’s Kwik-Fix has a variety of services to cover the specific need of your business or home. Have a look at some of the services that we cover:

All Types of Plumbing Repairs
Slab Leaks Detected and Repaired
Drains and Sewers Unclogged and Cleaned
Sewer Line Replacement
Water Heaters Repairs, Sales, and Installation
Shower Pans Replaced
ADA Remodeling
Backflows Tested and Installed
Complete Bathroom Remodeling
New Construction and Remodeling
Toilets, Sinks, Faucets, Tubs, Garbage Disposals, Etc.
Sewer Line Video Inspections
Lift Stations Installations
City Sewer Hook-Ups
Tankless Water Heaters Gas/Electric
High-Pressure Sewer Line Cleaning

We are repiping specialists.

fixing sink pipes
flexi hoses


Has your water heater sprung a leak?
Has your toilet gone running on an all-night marathon?
Is your faucet leaking costing you money?
Is a slab leak in your foundation threatening to send your utility bill through the roof along with the costly repairs to your home’s floor?
Is your home’s outdated piping clogged and rusted?

Don’t end up underwater at the deep end. Call the trusted experts at Workman’s Kwik-Fix. Our skilled plumbers will help you minimize the damage that can be done when plumbing problems raise their heads. We are the repiping specialists, and we can get your issues repaired efficiently.

New and Remodel

If you’ve got a new project in the works, Workman’s Kwik-Fix is the plumbing contractor you want on the job. Our years of experience make us the perfect choice for your remodeling or new construction.

We can work with you on developing the plans for your project to minimize costly repairs in the long run. We can do complete remodeling of bathrooms, new construction plumbing, sewer line inspections, etc. We can also do plumbing installations of all types.

We also specialize in ADA remodeling projects to make your home or business universally accessible.

water leaking from drain pipes